Advanced sustainability solutions and initiatives in North America

Advanced sustainability solutions and initiatives in North America

The planet Earth has so much to give us. There is plenty of water, large forests, mountains and valleys, deserts, glaciers, canyons, waterfalls, amazing wildlife and so on. Despite everything that human beings do, it seems that the planet manages to endure and provide even more. However, we should not take it for granted and not think about Earth’s future and our own.

The world needs you!

Global warming is an issue that we must not ignore. We have all seen severe natural disasters happening all around the world. A number of animal and plant species have died out and a lot more are endangered. While those lucky enough to be a part of the privileged part of the world enjoy Betway Registration, people in some regions are suffering from a lack of food and drinking water. If we do not address these problems in a serious manner, our future will no longer be so bright. Fortunately, more and more people are becoming aware of the seriousness of the current situation and are working on solving these problems by creating innovations and organizing initiatives.

The right direction

A large amount of research efforts shows that sustainability is at the top of the list of North America’s priorities. A lot of companies that are reportedly the ones that cause the most damage are now treating sustainability as a strategic and tactical advantage. More and more enterprises are focusing on sustainability and their projects appear quite promising. These projects address various issues that can help protect the Earth and the wellbeing of the world’s population including health care, food and energy production, and water usage.

The future of healthcare

Created by a small enterprise, a global drone data platform with 3,600 drone pilots is used for health prevention. Using artificial intelligence, these drones detect health threats automatically and conduct analyses to provide information about malaria breeding site locations or the number of houses located within an Ebola outbreak hotspot. This project helps 100,000 people in dealing with cholera and malaria epidemics.

The future of food production

Another important artificial intelligence-based invention is an app that can improve agriculture and food production. With the help of machine data gathering and data analytics, this smartphone application gives information to food producers about crop diseases and infestations based on scientific data and research. Farmers are pleased to have this advantage because they can increase their crop productivity and harvest by up to 50% by reducing their expenses related to pesticides.

The future of energy production

The non-profit organization EBW, which has already helped millions of people, is conducting a new project. It provides high-quality solar equipment for refugees which can help solve energy problems in refugee camps. It is a long-term electricity solution and it decreases safety concerns at the same time. Statistical data show that 50,000 people have already got access to electricity and clean water thanks to this project.

The future of water usage

New data-driven technologies are being developed to optimize water use in agriculture. The growing global population has led to water and food shortages, but new AI-based proprietary spectral imaging sensors can help create solutions. These sensors consist of five visible, near-infrared cameras and thermal infrared cameras whose images are then converted into information about water scarcity and irrigation optimization solutions used in water applications. At the moment, there are about 1,000,000 acres of land in the USA and Australia that use this technology.

These are only some of the advanced technological solutions created in North America to help protect the Earth. Other regions of the world should follow in their footsteps if we want to secure our survival and prosperity.

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