Is Wi-Fi exposure Damaging the Health of People in Canada?

Is Wi-Fi exposure Damaging the Health of People in Canada?

Canada’s Royal Society just recently came out with a report that Canadian citizens are not at all in danger from Wi-Fi or cell phone signals. However, the report was not as convincing as one would expect it to be. The review was requested from Health Canada as there have been many concerns, particularly from parents, that increased and long term exposure to Wi-Fi could be damaging to the health of their children.

While it is true that the number of providers and Wi-Fi hotspots is rising, as we are using the internet for almost everything nowadays, from having fun playing online games to learning and ordering food, there is no actual evidence to confirm that it is damaging. This mainly has to do with the current set standards which are really vague. Certain studies that have been conducted show that there is no direct correlation between people coming down with certain illnesses and cell phone signals.

But these studies are still pretty vague and don’t really explain the situation well.

What are the Wi-Fi Signals Causing?

The exact damaging effects of Wi-Fi and cell phone signals have not yet been officially confirmed. Although some who claim that they are sensitive to electromagnetic signals do suffer from them. But still, this type of illness has not been officially confirmed and there is no evidence to support it.

But the existing standards that have been made say that overexposure can lead to shocks. It can also activate a person’s nerve ending causing him or her to feel a certain type of sensation or a tingling feeling.

Additionally, too high electromagnetic radiation can cause water to heat up and thus lead to biological issues for people who drink it. However, none of these situations have happened thus far. These are, for now, critical scenarios that still remain in the realm of fiction, as some say.

What Can be Done to Fix the Problem?

In order to fix the problem, one needs to determine if the problem actually exists. Since there is no exact evidence or any proof that says that overexposure to Wi-Fi signals is damaging there is no need to try and resolve the situation.

More research certainly needs to be done and the correct standards need to be set. This will take some time but some of the leading experts in Canada are already doing their research to mitigate the situation.

In the meantime, parents in particular, are calling for reduced Wi-Fi exposure on school property. Most schools have increased their usage of the internet and it is something that all schools are doing these days. But parents don’t want their children to suffer from any potential damage so some schools are thinking of reducing the amount of Wi-Fi they give off.

To Conclude

Whether overexposure to Wi-Fi and cell phone signals are really a thing in Canada cannot be concluded right now. Experts say that the signals are not as strong enough to cause any damage. Standing close to an internet tower or an emitter for long periods of time can be damaging in a certain sense as it causes headaches. But lesser exposure is not damaging.   

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