The use of robots in industry

The use of robots in industry

Are you scared of the movies showing how robots overtake the world? Well, you should not be. If we take a look at the bright side of having a robot around, we can easily see that robots can greatly contribute to industrial production. In North America, the automotive industry relies the most on the use of industrial robots, but recently a lot more industries have started to use robots to make their production faster, easier, and cheaper. We can encounter many types of robots, as they are very helpful in many activities that we do, just like software is helpful for us online, whether it is to search the Internet, or to go online and use the bonus code pokerstars use to gamble and have a bit of fun, we cannot avoid automatization.

The USA is also known to be a major exporter of industrial robots all over the world. Here are some of the most common ones in North America.

Cartesian robots

These robots represent arm solutions. They consist of three principal axes at a right angle to each other that move in a straight line up and down, in and out, back and forth to secure great precision and high reliability. They are used for 3D printing, drawing or as pick and place machines. One version of these robots is called gantry robots, which are supported at both ends and are often quite large.

SCARA robots

These robots have been used since 1981. SCARA robots, short for Selective Compliance Assembly Robot Arm, are rigid in the Z-axis and pliable in the XY-axes, which enables them to extend, retract and fold up the arm. Compared to Cartesian robots, SCARA robots are faster, but also more expensive. They are simple to use but they need specific software systems to be operated. These robots are used in assembly operations, cleanroom applications, and handling operations.

Parallel robots

Parallel robots refer to a single platform supported by serial chains which are controlled by several computers. The chains are usually short, so even a small error in one chain affects all the others. The most common one, called the Stewart platform, has six linear actuators and it is used in flight or automobile simulators. Another popular example is the delta robot that has three arms connected to one joint. Parallel robots are very fast, but they cannot always reach around obstacles.

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Cylindrical robots

Cylindrical robots are the rarest ones with three arms. They consist of two linear and one circular arms. The main arm moves up and down thanks to a cylinder. These robots are used in spot welding, assembly and handling operations, as well as for determining the positions of stars.

It is clear that robots can do a lot of work more easily and precisely than people, which is the main reason why we should take advantage of them in industrial production. Robot technology is constantly developing, particularly in North America which is in the lead, and we are yet to see more innovations in the field.

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