How Canada is Fighting Coronavirus

How Canada is Fighting Coronavirus

A global pandemic was on our hands, and the whole world was caught unprepared. Basic things such as toilet paper, flour, and cooking oil flew off the shelves and there was clear unpreparedness everywhere across the world.

Two years into the pandemic and we are doing somewhat better, as a species. We have found ways of dealing with the pandemic and ways to slow it down and even suppress its symptoms to be negligent. Every country has a different approach to dealing with the virus. Canada certainly has its own way. Here is how Canada is a fighting coronavirus.

Hospital Readiness

Canada was one of the first countries to take Covid seriously. While some countries and their people were negligent about the fact a virus was destroying the lives of so many people halfway around the world, Canada did not sleep on the information.

Hospitals got the funding necessary and prepared as much as possible, to accommodate as many new cases as need be, while also leaving enough room and staff for other cases. This is where most of the world failed, having little to no resources for any other disease other than Covid.

Financial Relief

The economy needs to take care of its own and Canada took that seriously. It was obvious from the start that some people were going to lose their jobs during the pandemic and it wasn’t that different in Canada. People lost jobs and they were left unemployed, without any income.

Such people, who were down on luck, could have applied for a program to get 2000 Canadian dollars monthly for a four-month period, basically to survive until they find another job to help them stay on their feet. This money would be taken from the federal budget, to give back to its people in times of need.


Most countries also failed to properly communicate what was going on. Misinformation and tales of conspiracy theories were the first to spread in some countries. Canada was very clear about what was going on and what these things would mean for the country and its people. With clear communication, it was easier to establish some ground rules from the get-go. 

Traveling is Restricted

Travel restrictions are a good thing when a virus is so virulent that it can infect millions of people in a day. Some have stated that it would have been better if the restrictions came sooner, but all in all, the situation was better than in its neighboring country. There are clear travel regulations nowadays, where only healthy and vaccinated people can enter the country.

Masks and Distancing

This is a basic part of covid regulations in most countries, but some are more vigilant about it. Fines and an overall appeal to people’s common sense and empathy seem to have worked in Canada, the latter being the more important of the two. Fines are always there to give people a slap on the wrist if they go out of line and endanger others.

Canada’s fight against coronavirus is methodical and for the most part, successful.

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