Will AI change the world we know today?

Will AI change the world we know today?

It is easy to see that artificial intelligence, AI, is gradually becoming part of our everyday life. Back in the 1980s, AI was first used in advanced industries and, today, it is used everywhere, from computers to smartphones and cars.

For example, AI is used to predict what people want to search online and it helps them get better search results. People use AI in online betting as well, since there are a number of sites that offer the best BGO promo code so you would try their newest platform and bet to win. In another industry, new car models, especially those made by Tesla, rely on AI which helps increase safety and comfort while driving. The potential of AI to change our world from its roots is more than obvious.  

AI for the better world

The more technology develops, the more the world benefits from it. Since the implementation of AI, industrial production has become much faster thanks to the use of AI that can control machines. Computers and smartphones have become more versatile since almost all operating systems include AI that does specific tasks instead of us. What’s more, the more we use AI, the better it becomes.

For example, Cortana on Windows 10 is one of the most popular computer AI assistants. It can search the web for you, it can write while you just dictate words, and it can do many more things that you couldn’t even imagine 10 years ago.

AI and the labor market

The greatest change that AI is expected to make is in the labor market. Many jobs will require fewer people to do them because AI will be able to do the work instead of people. This is likely to be a problem for many people who cannot do high-skilled work or who do not know how to take advantage of AI. On the one hand, many low-skilled workers will lose their jobs if they do not adapt; on the other hand, they will have a chance to develop new skills and acquire more knowledge necessary to do modern jobs.

There are other concerns that people have expressed regarding the use of AI. It is said that AI will make future generations lazier because it will take over a lot of physical and manual work. People will use machines to do most of the work and, in their free time, they will just relax and do nothing. Young people and students will not want to study hard because AI will be able to give them all the answers they need. People’s intellectual abilities will decrease because of AI.

AI as our partner for a better future

However, we should keep in mind that it is human nature to work and create. People are unique creatures with as much potential for progress and improvement as AI and much more creativity. Therefore, AI should not be regarded as our rival but as our new partner in the creation of a better world. After all, people are the ones who created AI in the first place. So far, we have seen so many benefits of the use of AI in all areas of life and they still significantly outweigh the potential negative consequences of using AI.

AI needs time to develop further and reach new levels. In the meantime, people should work on their own personal growth and progress and they should focus on educating new generations regarding how to use AI as a powerful tool for creating a better future.   

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