How Science and Technology Influences our History

How Science and Technology Influences our History

When you think about it, our world has really gone through a lot. From the invention of the wheel and fire, the steam engine and cars that run on electricity, all the way to space travel. And the ball does not stop there. The human mind is striving towards all sorts of new things and we are getting new ideas every day.

For the people in the past, it is hard to imagine contacting with somebody from a different town, being able to play casino games or even being able to watch a football match played on the opposite end of the world. But today we can do all of that and even more all with the help of magical, portable devices that we call Smartphones.

So technology! That’s the key! But how has technology helped to shape our history? And does it really have a positive effect on it?

Humans vs Science

Initially, there are a lot of supporters who do deem science as something great but generally value humans as the instigators of development. Technology and science are the tools but humans are the ones that got the idea and started it all.

For instance, great men have done great things because they have had a positive idea that was supposed to make our world better. Most of them did not think that using science would be the key. People like Marin Luther King were not influenced by technology to pose good questions about our world. They did the right thing because they thought it would be.

But the development of technology in a way surpassed those great men. But new ones came after them.

Technology Shaping the World

With the rise of technology so came the people who realized that it would be better to adopt science and use it as an ally. Having a tool like that at our disposal is a great asset. We can only hope to achieve something better if we have the technology to help.

Innovators like Steve Jobs are a great example. He realized that using technology to such an extent will help revolutionize the world. The invention of smartphones, for example, is a great mark in the history of the world as the invention of the printing press.

How Does Technology Influence History?

Technology does influence history in a lot of ways. Our technological development has been a part of our nature since we started evolving from single-cell organisms. Human beings have always tried to make them better by incorporating the tools around us.

Our physical bodies are fragile and we cannot hope to achieve anything that we have without the help of certain tools. We started off with rocks and flint but have learned how to shape metal and eventually create unimaginable objects that can help us travel from one side of the earth to the other or even beyond it.

Whatever you wish to believe in, one cannot deny how important science is for the development of humankind. It just depends on the shape and form of the science implemented.

To Conclude

Technology has certainly had a big impact on the way our world has developed. We cannot deny that it helped to shape it and creating everything that we have today. Having technology on our site is better than having it against us. It would be a dangerous foe to have. But cooperating with it is what we need to do.

We do agree that the overuse of technology is bad. There are all those Black Mirror episodes to prove it. But, like fire, if the tool is in the right hands and used correctly it can create great new things.

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